Registering a Death

Helpful Information from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages registers all deaths which occur in Victoria. The following questions are addressed on their website.

Registering a Death in Your State

registering a death certificate after a funeralFAQs for information on registering a death

  • Who is responsible for registering a death?
  • Can a death which occurred outside Victoria be registered in Victoria?
  • Is a death certificate sent to the family after a death is registered?
  • How can I obtain a death certificate?
  • What information is included on a death certificate?
  • How long does it take to get a death certificate after lodging the application form?
  • Fees
  • Application Forms

Visit the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages (Victoria) for more detailed information.

Other States

NSW  –  SA  –  QLD  –  TAS  –  WA  –  NT

Death certificates

The easiest and quickest way to obtain a death certificate, where you are next of kin, is to apply online (See the above links for your state.)

You can also apply by mail, or in person at the address on which will be shown on each site in your state. To apply by mail or in person, you will need to download and complete a death certificate application form from the website.

Turnaround times vary depending on how you apply.

Standard death certificates show the full details of the death record. Most organisations will accept this certificate for official purposes.

Who Can Apply

Birth and Change of Name Register: The registered person can make an application. If the registered person is a child, both registered parents must make the application.

Death Register: Applications must include consent of the informant listed on the death certificate or a declaration explaining why consent is not possible. The Registry cannot correct the date of death, place of death or cause of death without consent of the certifying doctor. Consent of the doctor must be included with the application.

Marriage and Relationships Register: A registered party can make an application.

Note: Considerations may be given to applications beyond these restrictions. Such applications should highlight the special circumstances in writing and be accompanied by suitable evidence, or if required, authority.

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