Multi Cultural Funerals

Australian cities are some of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and the need to provide Ethnic and specialist funeral services to meet the unique needs of our community should be available from a single website.

There are several important decisions to make including whether you would like a burial or cremation, if the service will be private or open and where it will be held.

Considering All Cultures

Multi Cultural Funerals. This is a buddhist-funeralThere is a perception that funerals need to be undertaken quickly after the person’s death. However, when to hold the funeral is a decision you and your family can make in consultation with the Funeral Director. The timing of a funeral can be arranged to fulfill almost any personal, religious or cultural requirement. A funeral can be as simple as necessary to comply with the required laws or quite elaborate.

Funerals may take many different forms in all cultures. There are very few restrictions, other than some legal ones. Family and friends may choose to be involved in dressing the person who has died, placing them in the coffin, closing the coffin, carrying the coffin and lowering it into the ground.

Some people may choose to have a viewing, say prayers, sing and stay with the person who has died. Some cultures may have special rituals of food, incense and music which signify the rite of passage from this life.

Multi Cultural Funerals

Aspects of the funeral you may wish to consider, include whether you would like to:

  • See your loved one and spend more time with them at the funeral parlour or at your home depending on your customs.
  • Have them dressed in their own clothes, place them in a shroud.
  • Many families place items of interest into the coffin.
  • Some may like to have a lock of their hair
  • Have photos taken or film/video the funeral depending on your customs.

It is important to discuss all your requirements with your chosen funeral director.