Arranging a Funeral

Here are some ideas you may wish to include

when arranging a funeral.



Create a Photo Board

Collect your favourite photos from childhood to the present day and make a display for the ceremony – we can supply easels.


Multi Media Presentation and/or Power Point

A professional visual presentation made from your collection of photos, home videos etc… can be set to a favourite piece of music and be played during the ceremony ask our staff about this wonderful service enhancement.

Sometimes, families will provide their own PowerPoint  Presentation.


Make a Memorabilia Display

Decorate the chapel, or coffin with items that are significant – golf clubs, fishing gear, pot plants, surfboard, Harley motor bike – no limits!


Decorate the coffin

Use stickers or marker pens to personalise messages or we can recommend an artist to paint a scene or create colour effects.

decorate a coffin when arranging a funeral

Bring your Family Pet

We recognise that pets are often special members of the family, they’re are sometimes welcome in the funeral directors chapel.


Drive Past the Family Home

The funeral directors staff are able to drive the hearse past the home on the way  to the Church or Cemetery as very traditional gesture of farewell.


Release Doves, Balloons or Butterflies

At the end of the service to symbolise the freedom of the Spirit or the journey to a new life.



Video the Service

Take photos – ask a friend to bring their camera along or the funeral director can arrange a professional photographer.


Keep a Lock of Hair

When arranging a funeral, please let the funeral consultant know if they can take a lock of hair for you to keep.

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Music Options

Why not consider a soloist, piper, harpist, an acappella singer or other musicians to create a live music feature.

You may also wish to include special music as part of the service.

CD music for a funeral when arranging a funeral

Military Honours

A returned man or woman is entitled to be recognised for their contribution to Australia.  The funeral director can make available the Australian Flag or a particular service flag, an RSL tribute, the playing of the Last Post, or display uniform, regalia or medals.


Form a Guard of Honour

Ask team mates or club members to come dressed in uniform to participate in this show of respect.


Bookmarks, Memorial cards, Orders of Service,

Thank you Cards

Funeral directors can advise you on the printing of beautiful stationery to give each person who attends the funeral or to send to family and friends afterwards.

Memorial Books or stationery
For help with arranging your funeral booklets click here Tribute Presentations

Family and Friends Participation

When arranging a funeral, the funeral director will encourage family and friends to participate in the ceremony – reading a eulogy, carrying or escorting the coffin, lowering the coffin at burial, placing individual flowers during the ceremony or scattering rose petals at the graveside, singing a song, drawing or writing letters to place in the coffin, reading a favourite poem or some inspirational words, telling a life story, proposing a toast – these are all ways that family and friends can contribute to creating special memories.


Online Notice and Tribute

Some companies now offer to advertise the funeral and death notice on their website for free.  This is offered as part of  their service to you.  You may wish to invite family and friends to go to this site to place their own special tribute.  Ask your Funeral Director about costs and how they can help.



Twilight Services

Consider holding a twilight service in the funeral directors Chapel or elsewhere.  A sunset funeral can be the perfect setting for a farewell.